Apples and Pears just bursting
with New Zealand sunshine.

New Zealand apples are famous for being among the finest, juciest, most flavoursome eating apples in the world.
And Luv’ya are among the best from new zealand.

All our apples are grown in our own orchards right here in this sunny, temporate region at the top of New Zealands South Island.
Here we take particular pride in our exacting applecraft to make sure we get the best apples in the world into your hands.

14 Exceptional varieties of apples and pears. Some of them unique.


Luv'ya apple varieties

As far as we’re concerned it’s all about the quality of the apple, so we created the integrated quality (I.Q.) process.

This allows us to carefully manage every single step of an apple’s life, with the sole aim of deliver the perfect New Zealand apple, every time.


We love apples. And we want you to
have the best every single time.

The Heartland Group is made up of two separate businesses.
Both have “love apples” as their original and all important brandvalue

Luv'ya Fruit

Heartland Fruit looks after our offshore apple business. Its primary objective is to look after all of our international clients and supplying the best of New Zealand apples to the world.  All our apples are supplied under the Luv’ya brand or a variety brand (eve, Ambrosia), and they all have the Love-Apple logo which represents our mark of quality. This Love-Apple mark signifies that these are the best apples from New Zealand.

Heartland Fruit

Heartland Group NZ supplies apples to the South Island of New Zealand. We aim to consistently provide product that meets all your expectations and makes you forever loyal to our Love apple brand. Heartland Group also produced all our fruit.
Based in Nelson, New Zealand, The Heartland Group is a vertically integrated business structure. This means we know our apples intimately – we carefully watch, tend and nurture them through every step of their lives to ensure they arrive in your hands in perfect condition.

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Among the best apple varieties in the world.

Our 11 apple varieties include all the traditional eating favourites along with some exciting new varieties.

Cox Orange Pippin
NZ Beauty
Pink Lady
Royal Gala

The same philosophy of love apples is applied to Luv’ya pears.

All our pears are consistently delicious and deliciously crisp.
Taylors Gold
Doyenne du Comice


'an apple a day keeps the doctor away'.

Luv’ya Apples are best eaten fresh and crisp.
But they are also great in a recipe. Try these

Luv’ya tips:

Eat your apple with the skin on – almost half of the vitamin C content is just underneath the skin. Eating the skin also increases your insoluble fibre intake which is great roughage to add to your diet. Plus the amount of tannin in an apple skin may help to prevent periodontal or gum disease.

Luv'ya Fruit

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